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Few Of Dem Kno

Few Of Dem Kno – Voodoo Browne feat. Cosha Don

Voodoo Browne and Cosha Don open the summer quarter by dropping yet another banger. The 2nd collaboration between Mackadena (DvD Beat Company, Netherlands), NJC (Ambiel), Voodoo Browne (Ambiel) and Cosha Don (Ambiel).

This is the last in a series of classic Led Zeppelin mashup tracks and certainly brings the project to a close in a tidy fashion. Its the turn of Dazed and Confused to have its world tipped upside down, along with any purist Led Zep fan out there. ‘Few Of Dem Kno’ is available to download now. See below

During the video shoot we bumped into some serious heavyweights in the Graff scene who allowed us to film them working. Big love to: Ryes_of_lezKoel_oneCram4d_cfkLifergramDahkoh.

Dedicated to Tom 259

The video is dedicated to a good friend of NJC and Voodoo and well respected graff/HipHop lovin’ Ipswichian, Tom ‘259’ Hughes, who sadly passed away earlier this year.

RIP Big man – Tom ‘259’ Hughes – 1978 to 2014.



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