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Spell On Voo


Teaming up with dutch Hip Hop producer, Mackadena (DvD Beat Company/Ambiel), Voodoo drops this conscious flow about keeping things true to the roots of his beloved Hip Hop. Respecting the art form he has spent the last 2 decades perfecting.

During the shoot Voodoo bumped into Dutch fashion model Tallulah Manuela, they joined in on each others shoots so big love Tallulah for bringing some female flavour to the vid.

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Education is key…..

Spellbinding spits over an enchanting hip hop anthem.

“Spell On Voo” takes us on a young emcees journey into hip hop music and the effects hip hop has had in his life. Referencing all the important elements in Hip Hop culture. The DJ, Mc, B-boy (break dancers) & Writers (graffiti artists).

Explaining the differences between real hip hop and pop/mainstream hip hop. Real hip hop is a lifestyle, a culture, a way of living and having respect for the forefathers should always be uplifted for the next generation of real hip hop heads.

” These bling bling, Molly popping, skinny leather jean wearing, feminine rappers are in it for the cash & the fame with no natural foundation in the art form. They don’t provide real hip hop fans with the true message that hip hop should spread. The conscious, street, bead wearing, book reading, educated rhymers get brushed under the carpet, theirs & his is a true reflection of hip hop music & what the culture represents. “

Teaming up again with Dutch HipHop producer, Mackadena and a classic Nina Simone sample this has banger written all over it. I’m sure it won’t just be voodoo under the spell after your first listen of another high quality offering from a rising hip hop artist with a lot more promise than these gun holding, drug slinging wanna be gangsters.

The video provides an excellent back drop as we join voodoo on a day trip in one of his favourite cities, Amsterdam. As we learn it’s not just the hip hop putting a spell on voo.


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